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Château de Sohier   -   B-6920 Wellin-Sohier   -   Belgium (E411, exit 23)

Splendid, medieval, feodal castle


Original 14 th century, situated in 250 years old manicured
parc-arboretum with superb unique threes (see description).
Separate building / guest house with 5 garages and horse stables.
Parc apx 36.000 m2 (9 acres)

Helicopter pad possibility.

It has been under intense restoration for the past 8 years.

60 places including 6 luxurious marble bathrooms,
4 fully equiped new kitchens
About 3000 square mts. habitable space.
New slate roofings, new double glass hardwooden windows-frames,
New electric fittings, electric entrance gate.
New heathing systems allover.
Vaulted cellars.
Rare architectural features, burgundian stone floors (central heathed),
beautiful old parquet floors,,
19 open fire places in burgundian stone or marble.
Fully electronically secured- TV cameras security.
Satellite and cable TV, ISDN phone systems (7 Ins)


At the border of the Ardennes, near the E411 motorway (5 km).
The castle is registered in a magnificent French park
The area protected of all pollution, sound and others,
has a remarkable micro-climat.

Centre of western Europe

45 min from Brussels

45 min from Luxemburg cap.

90 min from Paris

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The castle's parc

The trees in the castle's parc

It is nigh impossible to mention trees without evoking the castle's park and its collection
of remarkable trees, fifteen of which are listed in Belgium's inventory of trees.

This number is high compared to the surface of the park, but it should be pointed out
that main entrance, on the east front is covered with the truly beautiful crown of a
Centenary Acer campestris.

South of the housefront, making its way through the boxtrees, an alleyway leading to
the outbuildings and bordered with various Chamaecyparis.

At the bottom, two Abies nobilis compete with the bell tower. To the right of the tower
three two-hundred years old tilia hide houses near the park.

Facing the West Side of the building, there are a few Fagus sylvestica atropurpurea.
The green foliage of the old tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) harmonises with the
purple of a Fagus.
Behind, a Sequoia gigantica is competing with the Fagus to conquer space.

At the bottom of the park, to the left, a trio of chestnut trees (Castanea sativa) borders
on a Cedrus atlantica glauca beheaded during the last great storm.

Also on the left, a Fraxinus excelsior (ash) and Fagus sylvestica pendula (weeping European
beech). To the right a magnificent sample of Fagus lanceolota (beech) deserves attention.

The north face is dominated by an Abies nobilis (noble fur). Alongside the road, a thick
clump of Taxus baccata (yew) hides the eastside.

The parc's borders, alongside the road to Fays, are masked by beautiful specimens of
Fraxinus (ash), Quercus (oak), Aesculus (horse chestnut), Tilia (lime tree) and Acer (maple).

Two remarkable specimens should also be pointed out:
Sorbus aucuparia (mountain ash): it's normal height is fifteen meter and the Sohier
specimen was already eighteen meters high by 1986.
Acer (maple): the largest common maple recorded in the country with a circumference
of 3.27 meters and a height of 21 m is located in the parc de la Citadelle in Grand.
The circumference of the maple in Sohier was 2.85 m and 16 m high in 1986.

The species are cited from the dendrological inventory of Belgium, 1990 edition and
the specification are taken from leaftet about the Parc de Wolluwe by the Ministere
De la Region Capitale (February 1991).

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